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Where We Began

Beamton Montessori Inc. stemmed from passion and love for guiding children to learn. For over two decades in the industry of education, the opportunity came to me to establish my own program in Montessori in the comfort of home environment for a limited accommodation of 6 children, ages 3-6 each session (Sept. 2015-2018)

I am genuinely grateful with the parents' excellent remarks on the academic results of their children especially in reading and how they promote the program with their friends and family for its solid foundation it offers. Since then, I had a strong vision of helping more families in a wider range in the communities of Airdrie and other neighboring cities. Thus, Beamton Montessori is born and has officially launched in Early 2019. 



Enabling the full potential of our students

Beamton Montessori Inc. provides children with a unique way of learning by doing. Additionally, with a specially designed method in reading, allows these little ones to enhance their capabilities and instill appreciation of knowledge through Practical Life Skills, Sensorial Exercises, Mathematics, and Language, as these equally develop sense of self-discovery and worth. Consequently, children realize the insight of boundless potential within themselves. It is our utmost mission to mold their totality as individuals, evolving to being capable of making positive and effective contributions to the community.


My name is Noime Ilagan, mother of 2 wonderful children and greatly loved and supported by my husband.

I have been a part of early childhood education for 28 years now. 

I obtained my Level 3 – Child Development Supervisor Certificate; Montessori Training Course for Primary Level Education; Certificate in Preschool Education and completed the Special Education Course. All of which provided me with the knowledge to establish a preschool/kindergarten program and bring it to vision. My strong base was formed through my degree achievement in Bachelor of Secondary Education (Licensed Professional Teacher). Through years of passion in teaching in Montessori schools in Canada and abroad, I have developed an in-depth understanding with the required skills to lead Beamton to success.

I am confident and I believe in the program as this guarantees your children a foundation which is the key to their successful formative, learning years while it offers a good balance between studies and fun. It is my dedication that each Beamton student gains academic excellence, emotional and social readiness to take the lead as they advance in learning.



 Our son was learning how to read simple stories by the time he was 2 years and 8 months old because of Ms. Ilagan's work on literacy. Our son is now 4 years and 5 months old, reading at a solid grade one level and learning complex math skills for his age. He is able to add and carry over, subtract, do simple word problems, understand decimals and even simple multiplication through skip counting. These are just some of many skills he has learned this past year. This does not include the science and grammar program that she incorporates into their day.

Her teaching methods are proven and effective. From the time our children had started the school year, even within the first couple of months, we had seen exponential growth curve in their learning and comprehension of every subject taught.

Stephanie Ward

Rodel Jimenez

My daughter is 3 years old and already reading. We are sooo happy with the program. Thank you for sharing your passion for teaching with all of your students. Airdrie is lucky to have you!

Our son had a really bad experience at a different school last year, so we decided to pull him mid year, and put him in to Beamton Montessori. He went from hating school and dreaded going, to absolutely loving school! It’s such a positive, happy place. The changes in my son are like night and day. He loves learning, reading (he’s only 4 and can read!), and gets so excited to go to school every morning. He’s highly engaged and learns so much because they tailor the way they teach students to the individual student. Ms. Noime and Ms. Stephanie are amazing. I highly recommend this school to everyone!

Nancy Jane Castiglione

My experience with Miss Noime's professional teaching has been nothing but exemplary. Her teaching style is calm yet informative and firm when necessary. She always has a smile on her face and is excited to see kids in the morning and to share their progress at the end of the day. Miss Noime is very good at helping the children learn how to behave in the classroom, be respectful of their classmates as well as herself.

Kelly Andrew

We love this school. My daughter turned 3 in November she can count to 30 and understands counting not just singing off the the numbers. She knows her alphabet. Knows how to read short words and is constantly sounding out letters to read words she sees. She can hold pen correctly and is working on writing letters. But on top of that she's learning life skills. She works on the things that sparks her interest and that is important for her to enjoy what she learns.

Choosing the right school that will best fit your child is a big factor in helping them build their successful academic career and future as well. In my search for an environment that has the most effective learning processes for young children i found Beamton Montessori school. A preschool Montessori that caters all my demands as a parent and what my child needs. Such as the adequate level of academic difficulty, appropriate learning styles and most importantly character development with the help of the teachers. In finding a good fit that will root of my child’s excellence, Beamton Montessori did not disappoint me. A school that will bring the best out of our children’s young minds..

My son attended Beamton Montessori for his Kindergarten year after a negative experience at a different school. The patience and care that Miss Noime showed my son was incredible. He learned to read within a month of attending and he went from not enjoying school to loving it! He was so sad he had to leave at the end of the year. Miss Noime is an amazing teacher, she's kind, understanding, and very approachable. I can't wait for my youngest to attend this school (he has a couple years to go still)!! At the end of the school year, I said to Miss Noime, I wish you were able to teach my son until grade 12!! This school really is impressive!

Vaneeta Kayjay

Teacher Noime is amazing! My daughter reads after a few weeks and can now write letters and numbers. Lots of improvement with her speech too. Highly recommended!

The amount of knowledge this school can give to children is extraordinary. I haven't seen anything like it, the happy and welcoming environment and the staff are amazing. Definitely recommend even trying it out and seeing the difference this school can make in one week.

Calvin Cristobal

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